Discovering Mathematics with Maple

An interactive exploration for mathematicians, engineers and econometricians

Roel Stroeker and Johan Kaashoek
with the assistance of Lennart Hoogerheide

Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Textbook, softcover. Birkhäuser Basel (Birkhäuser Boston) 1999.
ISBN 3-7643-6091-7, price sFr. 58.-/DM 68/öS 497 (US $ 44.-).
xvii + 227 pages, 23 figures.
CD-ROM inluded, containing 6 Maple demonstrations, 24 Maple worksheets, both in Maple V Release 4 and Release 5 formats. Also included are a trial version of Maple V Release 5 and a demo version of Maple V Release 4.
In the summer of 2008 Bob Jantzen of Villanova University updated the worksheets to Maple 12. These worksheets can be found on his homepage under

This book grew out of the wish to let students of econometrics get acquainted with the powerful techniques of computer algebra at an early stage in their curriculum. It is designed to accompany a 6 (or 12) weeks course for undergraduates, covering selected topics from Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Discrete Probability Theory, and Discrete Mathematics.

Working with computer algebra packages like Maple over many years convinced us of the favourable prospects of computer algebra as a means of improving the student's understanding of the difficult concepts on which mathematical techniques are often based. Moreover, advanced mathematical education, be it for mathematics itself or for mathematical statistics, operations research and other branches of applied mathematics, can greatly profit from the large amount of non-trivial mathematical knowledge that is stored in a computer algebra system.